Spring/Summer Menu

Crusty French Stick or Fresh Tortilla Wraps – Served with lightly salted crisps & salad garnish (available lunchtimes only) choose any 2 for £15.00

*BBQ Pulled pork and homemade coleslaw                                          £8.95

*Marie rose prawns, lettuce & cucumber                                              £8.95

*Tuna, mayo & spring onion, lettuce & cucumber                              £8.95

*Cheese & Branston Pickle/coleslaw                                                       £8.95

*Cheese, ham, mayo, lettuce, tomato & cucumber                           £9.45

*Midhurst royal sausage, fried onion & mustard                                £9.25

*BLT – mayo, lettuce, tomato bacon & ketchup                                  £9.25

*Crispy southern fried chicken, mayo, cheese & red onion             £8.95

*Griddled Halloumi, sweet chilli sauce & salad                                    £8.95

*Crispy spicy chicken, chilli cheese, sweet chilli sauce, & salad      £8.95        upgrade your crisps to fries/chips for £1 or sweet potato fries £1.50

Jacket potatoes – served with butter & salad

*Meaty bolognaise & grated cheese

*Cheese & homemade coleslaw

*Tuna mayo & spring onion

*Marie rose prawns

*Pulled pork and coleslaw

*Chicken madras curry (fairly hot)

*Cheese & Heinz baked beans                                                                                    all £9.75

Ploughman’s Platter – comes with all the trimmings – salad, coleslaw, pickles, red onion chutney & crusty Bread

Homecooked triple smoked gammon ham                                            £11.50

Medium cheddar                                                                                             £11.50

Cheese & ham                                                                                                   £13.50

Salad Bowls – mixed leaves, cucumber, baby plum tomatoes, mixed peppers, sweetcorn & red onion

*Griddled halloumi, peppadew peppers & sweet chilli sauce                                         £11.95

*King prawn, avocado & Marie rose sauce                                                                            £12.95

*Crispy southern fried chicken, grated cheese & salad cream                                        £10.95

*Sliced moving mountains plant-based burger & vegan mayo                                       £11.95

*Crispy spicy chicken & sweet chilli sauce                                                                              £10.95

*Sliced Ribeye steak (cooked to your liking) & horseradish mayo                                                 £14.95

Light Bites

Beer Battered Halloumi drizzled with Sweet chilli sauce                                                  £6.95

Medley of crispy king prawns (filo, tempura, breaded) with a sweet chilli dip         £6.95

Salt & Pepper squid served with a lemon and paprika mayo                                          £6.95

Southern fried chicken goujons & spicy mayo                                                                      £5.25

Chilli cheese bites with sweet chilli mayo                                                                               £5.25

Stuffed jalapenos & sweet chilli dip                                                                                          £5.95

Main meals

Hand Beer Battered Cod fillet, triple cooked chips, peas & tartar                 medium  £13.95    large £15.95

Homemade Lasagne & salad                                                                                                                        £12.95

Wholetail breaded scampi, chips, peas. Tartar & salad                                                                     £13.95

Chef’s cheeky chicken madras (fairly hot) served with rice, garlic naan                                      £13.95

Hand carved Triple smoked Gammon ham, double egg & chips                                                    £12.95

Midhurst royal sausage, creamy mash, peas & red onion gravy                                                    £13.95

Homemade creamy chicken, ham & leek pie with triple cooked chips & sweetcorn             £14.95

8oz Ribeye steak served with salad, coleslaw, beer battered onion rings & chips                  £21.95

Bricklayers “Dirty” Fries – large only

Choose from

*cheese                                                                                                               £3.75

*cheese & onion                                                                                              £3.95

*Cheese & jalapenos                                                                                      £4.25

*cheese & pepperoni                                                                                     £4.25

*cheese & bacon                                                                                              £4.75

*BBQ pulled pork & cheese                                                                         £4.95

The Bricklayers Burgers – all burgers are served in a brioche style bun with mayo, lettuce, beef tomato & sliced gherkins with triple cooked chips & salad

Classic Steak Burger – 6oz steak burger                                                                  £10.95

Southern Fried Chicken Fillet Burger                                                                        £10.95

Spicy Chicken Fillet Burger                                                                                            £10.95

Add Monterey jack or spicy cheese for £1 Add bacon for £2.00

The BBQ Pulled Pork Burger – 6oz steak burger with Monterey jack cheese & BBQ pulled pork also comes with homemade coleslaw & Beer battered onion rings                                              £14.95

The Chicken Stacker – choose either Southern fried chicken fillet & cheese or Spicy chicken fillet & spicy cheese – both served as above with hash browns & tomato sauce           £13.95



Spicy oriental burger packed with vegetables and finished with a red lentil crumb, served in a bun with lettuce, tomato and red onion served with chips and salad                            £12.95

The Moving mountains burger – plant-based burger served in a bun with lettuce, tomato and red onion served with sweet potato fries                                                                                           £ 13.95


Sicilian Lemon Cheesecake – with chunks of lemon sponge served with cream                                      £4.95

Salted Caramel & Chocolate Brownie served with Ice Cream                                                                         £4.75

Classic Apple Pie & Custard                                                                                                                                          £4.75

Sticky Toffee Waffle Pudding with Custard or Ice Cream                                                                                  £4.95

Children’s Menu 

Small Cheese & Tomato pizza with a side baby tomatoes & cucumber slices

Breaded chicken goujons, fries & baked beans or peas

Ham, egg & fries

Fish fingers, fries & peas

Sausages, fries & baked beans or peas                                                                    all £6.95 with a free ice cream


*Please be aware that all our dishes are prepared in a kitchen where nuts and gluten are present as well as other allergens.  We cannot guarantee that any food item is completely free from allergens, due to the risk of cross contamination.  If you suffer from any allergens and have any concerns –  please ask a member of staff. *

Click here for a printable pdf version of our spring/summer menu